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The Ulster Science & Technology Park

         is an ideal location for

         Shared Service Centres,

         Software Development Centres

         Financial Service Centres.

  • Science Park Quick Facts
  • Population of 400,000 within travel to work area - ie. 30 minutes drive time
  • 80,000 are aged 15-34
  • School leavers have excellent GCSE and A Levels
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Turnover is under 8% per annum in Call Centres
  • Local accents are 'soft' and friendly
  • Northern Ireland shares with the rest of the UK the lowest prices for telecoms
  • Full digital telecoms infrastructure linking Londonderry to Worldwide Markets
  • Invest NI offers Generous Incentive Packages
  • The Training & Employment Agency offers Total Recruitment and Selection Services at no cost

Stream International, Boston Building 2

Technical Support Centre and one of Derry's largest employers.

Home Loan Management Ltd Building 3

With over 25 years' experience as the UK's foremost provider of process outsourcing solutions and systems to the mortgage, finance and investment sector, and backed by one of the most innovative financial services groups in the country.

Buildings 1,2 & 4 Ulster Science Park Now Available to lease. Please contact Peninsula Hi-Tech for further details.

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Building No. 2 Let to Stream

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Birds Eye View of The Science Park

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